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Greta Gorsuch

I write fiction for adult literacy and ESL learners, and for every reader who just likes great stories about real people in real places. I also write academic articles and books for second language course evaluation, second language testing for student evaluation and classroom research, reading fluency, and tests that second language teachers make and use.

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The Night Telephone
by Greta Gorsuch

Dr. Tarak Kapoor cannot sleep. He has just taken a job as a telemedicine doctor in Texas. Garnet is two days and five airports away from his home in Mumbai. Tarak is so tired, but his body thinks it’s lunchtime in India. By 2:30 a.m. he is wandering the empty streets. To his surprise, he finds a brightly lit pay telephone next to a set of broken traffic lights. Even though it’s the middle of the night, people drive up one by one and make calls. Why on earth are they here at this hour? Who are they calling?

Evaluating Second Language Courses Cover
Evaluating Second Language Courses
by Dale Griffee and Greta Gorsuch
"The greatest strength of this book, besides offering a clear way to conduct program evaluation, is the use and organization of external books and studies of and about evaluation." Deirdre J. Derrick, in English for Specific Purposes. Read the full review:
Queen Serene
by Greta Gorsuch
Meet Queen, who drives a garbage truck in little Garnet, way out on the plains of West Texas. Queen's awful aunt and her own mother are plotting to put Queen's grandmother into a nursing home and then take her things. It's up to Queen to put things right.

Review on Amazon: "Casually poetic and unpretentious meditation on family dynamics in West Texas."

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The Visitors

by Greta Gorsuch

It is June, 1933 in little Wellington, Texas. The townspeople, farmers, and ranchers just want it to rain. They’re off alone in the Texas Panhandle, and the whole country is coming to pieces around them. But odd things are going on. For a starter, there’s a big, luxurious red V8 Ford cruising around the lonely country highways at night without its headlights on. And a bright blue rubber child’s play ball keeps showing up—and disappearing—as if the thing has a mind of its own. Then, small town life gets really strange when outlaws Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow pay a visit.

Second Language Testing for Student Evaluation and Classroom Research
by Greta Gorsuch and Dale Griffee

" is apparent from the start that this is a book made with a conscience, with the authors immediately arguing that we should use tests to help those in need rather than to find and enable those who started with an advantage." Review by Brandon Kramer, JALT Journal

The Storm
by Greta Gorsuch
A town, a family, and a fire on the high plains of West Texas.

A review (translated from German on The story, which is told on 68 pages, is about Cecilia Hunter, who, as a kind of nurse in Sunflower, Texas, does all kinds of services for the elderly and helps them. Very interesting and yet easy to understand, the reader gets a precise impression of typical life in a small Texan town. That alone is worth reading. One evening, however, Cecilia is on her way back from her evening school, she comes across the lonely highway in a terrible storm, which, however, at first glance seems to have no further significance. That will soon change, because a storm of a completely different kind will change the life of the small town forever ... As usual for the "Short Story" genre, there is an unforeseen event at the end.

The story is based on true events, which makes it even more exciting.


Tests that Second Language Teachers Make and Use

Written and Edited by Greta Gorsuch


NEW! Available Now.

Working theories for teaching assistant development: Time-tested & robust theories, frameworks, & models for TA & ITA learning. Stillwater, OK: New Forums Press.

"Gorsuch's work is, in my view, the most comprehensive work to date on working with GTAs." [Graduate Teaching Assistants] Carolyn Medine, Teaching Theology and Religion

Key City on the River
by Greta Gorsuch
It's 1833 on the Iowa Frontier. Will Penny Cooper and Nate Tilden, former slaves, live free?
Key City on the River Cover.jpg

Post Office on the Tokaido
by Greta Gorsuch
Siya Fujino arrives in Shizuoka City, Japan to take up her dream job. She is a new Japan Postal Service worker. She gets to know her new job, and her new city, even with her tough, ridiculous boss who can't quite believe Siya can speak Japanese. A shocking event occurs, and Siya must do something she never imagined.

Post Office on the Tokaido Cover.jpg

Review on Amazon: "Fantastic Short Story"

"This book made me feel nostalgia for the scene of good old Japan since elements of Japanese culture are sprinkled throughout the story! The description of landscape in provincial area called Shizuoka city is so beautiful, which tempted me to visit the historic road, “Tokaido”. Also, the warmth and shyness of each character is written realistically. The interaction with the local people around Siya makes her experience joys and sorrows, which leads up to her making something of her life. It made me smile, and I felt the author’s love and affection to Siya throughout the story. I am an EFL learner, and I can confidently recommend this book to anybody who wants to learn English while having fun!"

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Virtual Roundtable, May 2020
The Role of Fluency in Second Language Reading Comprehension

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